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FadeToBlack is an AVI video photo editor. With this AVI image editing software, you can easily edit your AVI images.

Features... Importing AVI files and BMP files. Stretching, clipping, copying, and reversing of video clip frames. Deleting of video clips. Drag and drop ordering of clips. Resizing of final video. Modifying the colour balance (red, green, blue, brightness, contrast, saturation, negative) Overlaying one clip on top of another, and modifying the width, height and transparency of the overlayed clip. More.

Delivering precision tools that improve efficiency, Corel Designer 10 was built specifically to streamline the production of technical design. It lets you create, manage, plot, share, and reuse technical diagrams, illustrations, and schematics, ensuring seamless file sharing within your technical drawing workflow.

New and enhanced tools for technical graphics are now available so you can design or enhance complex illustrations, diagrams, and schematics with speed and precision. Robust technical illustration tools allow you to create and modify detailed callouts with halos, and add dimensions, connector lines, line style sizes, and custom line endings to your projects. Control all image transformations in one place with improved editing tools.


What exactly are digital backdrops and are they good for anything?? I have seen several of these up for auction on Ebay and just wondered exactly what they arefor. Suggest a good photo editor please


I thought they were for shooting something in front of a "green" (not the right description) backdrop and being able to choose from a multitude of backgrounds.


ArtBorders - photo editor

ARTBorders allows you to make your photos look unique by adding beautiful artistic borders and frames to them. ARTBorders can download new frames and borders from our web site. There are over 200 new frames and borders available on the web site!


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