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ACDSEE is great tool for image editing
This would be a great product if it followed the example set by the previous versions. However, version 5.0 is slow and more importantly will not open at all if you have certain hyperlinks in the directory you have graphics in (like the desktop). ACDSee does not seem to have any plans to correct the issue when I called them. Check the web for other reviews on this product, and stay with version 3 until the current release is fixed. By the way, I have 5.0, but I am not happy with it

How do you straighten in Photoshop?  photo editor

I have just acquired Photoshop CS2. Most money I have ever plonked down for software. So I am still learning but I can't seem to figure out an easy way to straighten an image. What I am looking for is something as easy as the way Picasa does it. 

How do you straighten in Photoshop?
1) Open your pic that has a horizon in it, even if you think it's straight, this is so easy, you'll want to do it on wvery shot with a visible horizon or straight lines (ie: buildings) that you want straightened, either vertically or horizontally. 
2) Open the measurment tool, which should be lumped in with the eye dropper tool on the floating tool bar.

3) Put the crosshairs of the measure tool on one edge of your horizon (or straight line) click and hold and drag it to the other end of the horizon. This does not have to be the entire horizon, just a piece of it is good enough. 

4) Go to Image>rotate canvas>arbitrary 
5) When the box opens up, it will already have filled in the amount of rotation and the direction needed to rotate, all you have to do is click OK. 

6) After the image is rotated, all that's left to do is crop off the edges left from the rotation. 

7) Now finish processing and your done ;)

RAW Image Thumbnailer
Microsoft has today made their RAW Image Thumbnailer and Viewer PowerToy available for download. This utility provides for viewing of Canon (CRW & CR2) RAW and Nikon (NEF) RAW files as well as TIFF images and other standard image formats (BMP, GIF, PNG, JPEG etc.). The utility is split into a Windows XP shell extension which provides preview / edit / print commands for RAW files as well as a RAW viewer application. It weighs in as a 47 MB download! 

Download here: 

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