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Photoshop subsitute: Which photo editor is good?

hi alls, looking for a subsitute for photoshop, any good ones out there? I heard there was one but i forgot the name, oh yeah, its gotta be free too, thanks


I like XNview. And it's free.

You could try GIMP.



ms photo editor Copy all or part of an image

1. Select all of the image by clicking Select All on the Edit menu; or select part of an image by clicking Select button on the Standard toolbar and then dragging over the area you want to select.

2. On the Edit menu, click Copy.

3. Open the document or image you want to copy the selection into.

4. On the Edit menu, click Paste.


ms photo editor Resize

Note: Photo Editor maintains the original height-to-width ratio of your image unless you check the “Allow Distortion?box.

There are two ways to adjust the size of your image: by entering exact values in the height and width boxes, or by entering a percentage of the original height and width in the percent boxes. If you select a part of the image, Photo Editor resizes only the selection and deletes the rest of the image.

Adjust the size of your photo to fit the area on your web page. [Note: It is preferable to use pixels when resizing because inches and centimeters change depending on the dpi.] To change the unit of measurement for your image, use the small pull-down menu under “Units.?/P>

If you place a check in the “Smooth?check box, Photo Editor will adjust pixels to create a smoother-looking image.


ms photo editor Color and Contrast

Photo Editor doesn't give a lot of control over color, but if you just need to brighten a dark picture, or improve contrast, it will do fine. Try "Autobalance" under "Image" first, and see if it helps. If not, you can try settings by hand under "Balance." Remember that if you don't like what you've done, you can always "Edit/Undo." Changing brightness and contrast will help some images, but if the picture is really dark, lightening it will make it lighter, but won't fix it entirely - missing detail will still be gone.

If you intend for your image to be posted on the Web, and you want it to be partially transparent (to allow backgrounds to show through), you'll need to save in GIF format. Set the transparency color first by clicking on the dropper on the tool bar, and then clicking on the color you intend to be transparent. Remember that only that exact color will be transparent - if you click on a wall or background that has subtle changes in color, only a portion of it will become transparent. Test your saved GIF in a Web page. If you want more control over this, you'll need a better

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