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Photo Editor: How to increase the memory allocation for Photoshop CS2?

How do I increase the memory allocation for PS CS2. I know Ive seen it before, but now wish to give it heaps more ram, but forgot, can someone please help?


I'm not familiar with Photoshop, but normally you do not allocate memory for applications. They usually just ask for more memory and the Operating System gives it to them.

Where did you get the idea that you needed to allocate memory?

You can allocate memory and scratch disc space. Launch PhotoShop CS2 and go to Edit, preferences, Memory and Image Cache. in the lower part of the window it will show you available memory and how much is used by Photoshop. Click on the arrow and adjust the slider to the amount you want to use.


MS photo editor: Cropping an Image

Cropping an Image

Open the image in the normal way

Choose the select tool from the tool bar (box made of a dashed line)

Create a box around the area of the image you want to keep by clicking the mouse and dragging

Choose Image from the top menu

Select 'crop'

Click the 'OK' button on the pop-up window


MS photo editor :File menu

File menu

Allows you to Open a saved file or create a New image file. It also allows you to save your image file in a variety of file formats, or revert to a previously saved file format. You can scan an image from the File menu or you can use the scanner icon on the toolbar to scan. The File menu also allows you to print an image, send an image via e-mail, and display the properties of the current image.

Edit menu

Allows you to cut, paste, select, and undo.


Ms. Photo Editor was lost

Has anyone ever managed completely to lose Photo Editor, as I have just done?

Can anyone please tell me where it lives in the system and, more importantly, what I can do to get it back. My wife will kill me, if she finds out that she cannot view her photos (though I realise that I can get at them, using my expanded Send To)

Photo Editor has always worked perfectly and was doing so, when I last used it 2 weeks ago. I cannot imagine what I could have done to lose it.

Clicking the Desktop icon produces this error message:-

"C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\Microsoft Photo Editor.Ink

The Managed Software Installer failed to install the program

associated with this file. Please contact your system administrator"

Photo Editor has vanished from the Start > Programs list and it is neither in the Add/Remove Programs nor in any other list that I can find.

Using Start > Find produces just "C\WINDOWS\Desktop" and "C\WINDOWS\Send To". Clicking on either of these produces just the error message mentioned above.

Re-installing Win 98 has not helped.

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