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Photo editing and printing!
I recently got my first set of prints developed which I am very happy with, but during the ordering process I realised that the native ratio of my pics (from the d70s) doesn't correspond to a traditional print size, this meant that on some of my prints I lost a portion of the image if I wanted it to fill the print. 

What do you guys usually do concerning this? Do you crop all of your pictures and therefore make room for this when you take the original or do you just get prints made with 'fit to frame' and live with white borders?

I thought the D70 produced 2:3 ratio images like the 20D? (ie 6x4 etc) 

Well, if its not then you can either crop, change the ratio and get a bit of distortion (not as bad as it sounds a lot of the time, but doesn't work for every shot) or just get it slightly smaller with white borders on 2 sides, and cut them off when it arrives. 

The fact that nearly all con/prosumer digital cameras produce a 6x4.5" print (why is this?!) means that most online print services now offer print sizes for that ratio, so you might not even need to do anything, just chose some different print sizes! 

DIPTool PHOTOFX  photo editor
DIPTool PHOTOFX 1.6 (Free to try, $35 to buy - Windows) - With DIPTool PHOTOFX, scan directly your photos in the software (or shoot images with your WebCam) to transform them immediately in your way (deformation effects, morphing 2D, artistic effects, processing chain, numerous basic effects common with DIPTool SpecialFX, and a mini very sly retoucher!). 

FlashTM image editing
FlashTM creation programs are becoming more and more common, but the word "common" hardly describes 3D Flash Animator from Australia's Insane Tools. The program offers a great combination of features and ease of use, unlike many such programs that seemingly require a PhD to operate. 

There are a lot of good graphic software programs 
There are a lot of good graphic software programs on the market, but it's always fun to locate one that catches you by surprise. The Logo Creator 2.0 is one of those that caught me off guard it looks simple, but beneath that exterior is a solid workhorse.

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