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Large photo in photo editor
Took a bunch of 3264x2448 JPG pictures with my camera (each approximately 5MB). Opened them with photoshop did some minor color adjusting and when I saved the files again in JPG format the file size dropped down to 1-2MB. Why is this happening? 

I used the "High" quality setting for JPGs when I saved in PS. If they are going JPEG to JPEG why are they losing so much of their size?
Thry get compresses. Use save for web, that way you can choose how much compression and see the results, etc. It's in the file menu. Much easier than just save as or save.

DigiPhoto Cleaner
DigiPhoto Cleaner (Free to try, $30 to buy - Windows) - is a tool to remove noise(hot/stuck pixel) and purple fringing from digital images, in particular those taken with digital cameras.

Computerinsel PhotoLine 32 is an imaging software
by Computerinsel PhotoLine 32 is an imaging software, layout program, vector editor, batch converter, and Web editor with many functions. It provides painting, cloning, filtering, blending, and flood fill, many special effects, dynamic layer effects,... More and working layers. The program supports many picture formats, animated GIFs, CMYK, 16 bit per channel, color management, multiple undo/redo levels, plug-in filter, action recording, animations, poster and label printing. 

ImageWell, the free and lean image editor
ImageWell, the free and lean image editor...Finally, an easier way to quickly edit your images and send them off to the 
web. ImageWell is clean, simple, and xtralean! CNET's Download.com 
publishers voted ImageWell one of their Top 5 Favorites. We think you'll 
like it too!
ImageWell is the popular image editing software for quick manipulation and 
upload to an iDisk (.mac account), FTP server or other web server. Whether 
you are adding images to your documents, editing offline images, or posting 
photos to the web for others to see, ImageWell will do the work for you. 
Drag images in and out of the well, resize, crop, shape, rotate and add a 
watermark, border, or drop shadow. No need to launch multiple applications to 
add text, labels, arrows, circles and squares to your image. Add a thought cloud 
or talking balloon. A few simple clicks, copy, paste, and send them off to your 
web server instantly. At the click of a button the image is sent and a handy URL 
is copied to the clipboard. Just like that, it doesn't get any easier!
Don't want to send the image to the web? You don't have to, it's not the law. Edit your image, give it a 
name and file type, and simply drag and drop the image to the desired destination on your computer to 
save it there. Or drag and drop it into another document or presentation. It's easy-shmeasy!

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