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How do I find the channel mixer in Photoshop 4.0? 

Yes, I know Photoshop 4.0 is OLD. But it is all I have for now, so I gotta work with what I have :) 

I was reading the Selective Coloring article here on Phototakers, but it pointed me to the "Creating Black And White Images Using Photoshop Channel Mixer " for one of the steps: 


It must be quite da bit different in PS 4.0, because I don't have the same menu options as the article suggests. I am able to My layers window only has three small icons at the bottom; the trash can, the folded envelope thing, and a square with a circle in it. 

There must be a way for me to access the channel mixer so I can do selective coloring. Any advice?
see if this helps: http://www.photocolorcorrection.com/adjustmentlayers.html 

it says to either: 
go to Layer > News > Adjustments 

Ctrl-New Layer (on the base of the Layers Palette) 

Click on the right arrow (at the top of the Layers Palette), then select New Adjustment Layer 

then as the "type" select channel mixer 

amazing, the power of google

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