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Replicating the effect of a graduated filter in PS CS  photo editor

What is the best way to replicate the effect of a graduated filter (any colour) in Photoshop CS, or at least how to give more contrast between sky and clouds? 
I think the use of a graduated filer is in situations where the difference in bightness between two 'interesting' parts of a scene is so great that, no matter what exposure you use, the full range cannot be captured by the film or the sensor. Either the bightest part (sky) goes pure white or the darkest part (shadows) goes pure back. 
So you use a graduated filter to reduce the brightness of the sky, bringing the difference in brightness bewteen sky and shadows within the range of your film or sensor. In mono, a plain red filter can be easier to use as the blue of the sky goes largely black, and you don't need to be too carful about how you position the filter. 
So, the filter is used when you take the picture, not afterwards. If the detail in the sky or shadow couldn' t be captured by the film or sensor, you can't really add it afterwards. 

Photo sizing 

I cropped my photos to 8x10. Making picture packages 
in PS I noticed the 5x7 arent really 5x7 from an 8x10 
photo. Does anyone have the formula of what sizes are 
scaleable to other phot size? Is This a confusing question? 
There is no big mystery about sizing from 8X10 to 5X7 or vice versa. 

Instead of cropping you can resize (Provided you do not want to cut out area). However if you want to crop some waste area out, first crop using the crop tool. Then resize. 

Cropping - In PS Elements or PS, click on crop tool. On the top tool bar you will notice that you can set the size and DPI (Dots per Inch). Cropping an 8X10 and keeping the finished crop to those specs, enter "8 in" and "10 in" where indicated. Set DPI to 300. Your cursor will look like the crop tool, drag it diagonally to get what you want to keep. Click "OK". You shoul have a cropped image with the 8X10 size. 

Check the 8X10 by clicking on Image>Resize>Image Size. You shold get the information dialog box. Size should be 8X10 and 300 DPI. If not, resize it. 

New Microsoft Digital Image 2006 Suite?? 

Have been using the older version of Microsoft Image Suite 9.......Upgraded today with the 2006 version. Any comments about this new progam or suggestions would be appreciated. How do you rate it over all. Filter, borders, framing, etc!!!! 
just bought the 2006 version as well. Never used the older version so I dont have anything to compare it to. I also use PhotoImpact 10 Pro. 
How do you like it so far?

Making an Image Transparent in Microsoft Image Suite 2006. 

Hi Everybody. 
Is there someone who can help me out by telling how I can make an image transparent in Microsoft Image Suite 2006? 
I managed onced, but forgot how to do it. 
Please help me out here. 
Thanks in advance. 
if you intend to save it as a JPEG then it cannot be transparent: http://www.google.com/search?&q=transparent+jpeg 
I'm not sure if it is suitable for for your purpose, but if you make the color of the background of the picture the same as the background of the html page then it will look transparent, like this.

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